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Armed and Unarmed Security Officers Sacramento


RC Security can meet any and all of your security needs based on the threat level and the requirements of the client. We have armed and unarmed security officers in Sacramento who are available for 24-hour patrol/guard duty. Depending on the client’s needs and budget, RC Security provides well-trained armed security officers and unarmed security officers. These highly trained and motivated security officers provide unique, personalized services and can maintain a highly visible presence in your area in addition to protecting your business, employees, and customers. RC Security aims to deliver exemplary customer service which is modified to your company or individual security needs. Armed and unarmed security officers go through specialized training by certified trainers and wear a marked and highly visible professional security uniform. This allows RC Security officers to best fit in the environment that requires protection.

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  Armed and Unarmed Security Officer Benefits  

RC Security provides protection services with armed and unarmed security officers to clients who require a special level of protection and customer service. Both armed and unarmed security officers go through the same extensive selection, recruiting and training processes. However, there is a specialized training meant for both types of security officers depending on whether they need to be armed or unarmed. Rest assured that armed and unarmed security officers are trained in all the physical aspects of security to include patrolling of your area with community policing in mind. For many years now, RC Security officers have been serving Sacramento and surrounding areas to protect business owners and home owners as well as keeping their assets, property, employees, customers, guests, friends, and family safe.


  Armed and Unarmed Security Officer Methods  

Different training methods are essential to qualify as armed and unarmed security officers. RC Security provides extensive training so clients can be assured of optimal protection services. All security officers are licensed, insured, and well-trained; however, armed security officers obtain additional training in order to use firearms and to use force as necessary. RC Security’s staff of professional security officers includes many former members of law enforcement and the military. Subject to client’s necessities, armed security officers are best suited for medium to high risk protection needs. Evidently, armed security officers can serve as a major deterrent to crime over unarmed security officers mainly because armed security officers command a higher degree of authority that demand greater respect and compliance. Unarmed security officers on the other hand are a popular choice especially if the threat level is low as the presence of armed security officers may cause undue concern. If there is minimal reason to fear for the safety of your employees and customers, business owners may opt to hire the services of an unarmed security officer for protection.

  Armed and Unarmed Security Officer Technology  

The most common equipment carried by security officers are flashlights and two-way radios which are just the basics. If security officers are placed in a position where they might require the use of force or entail arrests, a baton and handcuffs are necessary. Body armor, stun guns, pepper sprays, metal detectors, proper uniform and footwear, and foul weather gear are also some of the other equipment needed to carry out job duties to provide protection services. In the case of armed security officers, they usually carry a handgun, shotgun, or other firearm with a license to carry these. A duty belt is another essential gear for armed and unarmed security officers in order to hold the equipment needed to be carried. It will make all the equipment easily accessible and will give security officers the ability to keep their hands free.

  Armed and Unarmed Security Officer Services  

As a leading provider of security services in Sacramento, RC Security offers complete security guard services including vehicle patrol and specialized protection solutions for business owners and home owners depending on the client’s needs and goals. RC Security armed and unarmed security officers can perform a number of duties as they are professional and highly trained for security protection and safety solutions. Your business, assets, property, home and family will definitely be protected with RC Security’s specialized protection services that are tailored to clients’ needs to help them solve their security challenges. Armed and unarmed security officers receive a very extensive training and they exemplify high reliability and integrity while maintaining a neat and professional appearance. RC Security offers business owners a specialized security protection which covers every site and personnel protection to ensure that the client, their employees, and their customers feel fully protected at all times, whether it is in a small business establishment or in a very busy and commercial environment. Armed and unarmed security officers of RC Security in Sacramento can provide protection services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Home owners and individuals can also benefit from RC Security services with outstanding customer satisfaction as armed and unarmed security officers provide protection services personalized to the client’s specific wants and needs.

  Armed and Unarmed Security Officers in Sacramento  

If you need the protection services of armed and unarmed security officers in Sacramento, RC Security can provide you with fully licensed, highly skilled and trained security personnel for all retail, commercial, industrial, and residential security needs. Based on your specific objectives, you can choose between an armed or unarmed security officer according to the threat level and your requirements. From performing general security duties of protecting persons and property to the enforcement of all applicable policies, rules, and regulations, armed and unarmed security officers can also patrol the area using a marked security vehicle and/or foot patrol. RC Security also offers a wide variety of security services including retail security, gated community/apartment complex security, video surveillance, warehouse security, and construction site security services. For your protection, RC Security is licensed and insured and for a long time have been providing cost effective security solutions for business owners and home owners while fulfilling a vast array of security needs. You can get a free quote by calling (916) 995-4974.

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