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About Us

In Sacramento, California, there is one elite security service with an unparalleled and solid reputation in providing high quality contract security services. It is RC Security—the security service Sacramento trusts. This premier private security firm provides you with professional security officers who have undergone security officer training classes. RC Security has a long-standing and proven history of going that the extra mile in offering premium services at a cost-effective rate.

RC Security Service Sacramento has excellent commitment to their clients, which is highlighted and can be seen by their quality, integrity and consistency wherein they limit liability and protect clients' security interests without exposing them to civil litigation or lawsuits. The following world-class responsive security services as explained in detail below set RC Security apart from all the other Security Services in Sacramento and Surrounding Areas. These include apartment security, private security services, security Guards, security patrols and uniformed security officers, contract security, and security guard training.

Apartment Security Sacramento

When we talk about home security, it not only refers to houses but also applies to apartments because renters own valuable possessions just like homeowners do. Vulnerabilities in Apartment Security Sacramento are addressed by RC Security officers, who patrol entire properties, including all buildings, streets, pools, hallways, parking lots and any recreational facilities, by foot patrol. With the presence of trained security officers, RC Security helps reduce criminal opportunities, burglaries, prowlers, loitering, auto theft, vagrancy, and vandalism in your area. Any suspicious activities, vandalism and maintenance issues such as graffiti, lights out, inoperable doors, locks, water leaks, property rules and code violations, and others are constantly reported through patrol reports that are done through email, fax or dropped at site at end of inspection. RC Security is here to make sure that enforcement of general laws, and your property rules and regulations, are implemented, as well as provide timely response to any tenant complaints, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Private Security Services Sacramento

RC Security officers are skilled and trained to provide clients with superior Private Security Services Sacramento. Our comprehensive training ensures you of only the highest quality security services and our staff of professional security officers includes many former members of law enforcement and the military. Candidates go through our extensive selection and a thorough screening process before getting hired. We have experts in protection services who will keep any individual safe through any type of situation, enabling our valued clients to go about their everyday business. RC Security private security guards who are detailed to individuals are there protect them, including their properties, from criminal activities such as vandalism, theft and fire, as well as to escort our clients safely. We monitor specific areas at all times and report any incidents that may come to pass. Our private security service includes looking out for anyone or anything suspicious in their area of responsibility through the use of video camera monitoring, crowd scanning, property inspection and activity supervision. After hours, RC Security private security officers regularly check that all entry ways such as gates, doors, and windows on a property are absolutely secure. On top of that, we ensure all security equipment being used is working properly and we also conduct investigations on any reports concerning suspicious activities or disruptions in the area. One of the advantages of having a private security personnel around is escorting people off your property and giving them warnings of getting arrested if ever they return. On a similar circumstance, RC Security may detain individuals who may be suspects of a crime until law enforcement arrives. We can meet any and all of your security needs based on the threat level and the requirements of our clients. RC Security can provide you with armed and unarmed security officers available for 24-hour patrol/guard duty. Daily activities are tracked by our security guards, who produce written daily reports. Any incidents or suspicious people are recorded for review by security managers. RC private security guards are occasionally called on to testify in court.

Security Patrols Sacramento

For RC Security Patrols Sacramento, our Uniformed Security Officers arrive on our client’s property in a professional marked patrol vehicle. We conduct a patrol, or patrol and walkthrough, inspection of the property anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes approximately depending on the type of services contracted. Patrols may be performed in random or scheduled for specific time slots as required by the client. The number of visits per shift can be customized according to the client’s needs. RC Security officers patrol your entire property, including all buildings, streets, pools, hallways, parking lots and any recreational facilities, by foot patrol. The vehicles are simply used to get to your site unless otherwise contracted to conduct vehicle patrols only. Moreover, because we cater to our client’s needs, our RC Security patrol services are also designed to meet client’s demands, from provision of property inspections either by foot or by vehicle, arming of alarms, locking of amenities, and other similar functions, performed on a routine basis. Rest assured that RC Security officers present a professional appearance as clearly evident by all our security officers wearing a marked and highly visible professional security uniform.

Security Guard Training Sacramento

We aim to provide excellent security services. RC Security requires all our staff to undergo and complete the Security Guard Training Sacramento course. Phase 1 of the program will provide the necessary 8-hour security guard training for RC Security. To break it down, this consists of a 4-hour required Power-to-Arrest training and a 4-hour required Weapons of Mass Destruction training. This course is based on the CA Department of Consumer Affairs’ Power to Arrest Training Manual and the CA State Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) course syllabus. California-based applicants applying to become security guards must meet the requirements by the BSIS to get proper training in these subjects before they can submit their CA Guard Card Application. Then the applicants have to complete this course successfully and follow the mandatory steps to apply for the CA Guard Card. Phase 2 of the RC Security Guard Training program is more comprehensive, involving specific 4-hour courses in Public Relations (Community & Customer), Observation & Documentation, Work Place Violence, and Trespass. These mandatory courses need to be completed by every newly licensed or employed security guard within 30 days from the day the guard's registration card is issued (8 hours) or the day the guard begins employment. Phase 3 of the RC Security Guard Training program consists of 4-hour mandatory courses in Communication and its Significance and Liability / Legal Aspects, which need to be completed within the first 6 months from the day the guard registration card is issued or the day the guard begins employment as a security guard. Additionally, there is an 8-hour elective course in Supervision and Courtroom Demeanor which is required to be completed within the first 6 months from the day the security guard's registration card is issued or the day the guard begins employment.

RC Security Service in Sacramento

RC Security recognizes that one of the important security service we can offer you is for the protection of the tranquility of your family and home. Our Apartment Security Sacramento service is designed to make you feel safe and sound. At present, we live in an unpredictable world, so individuals and their valuable properties may become easy targets of threats. Therefore, situations like these call for Private Security Services Sacramento just like the type of protection that RC Security has been effectively providing for many years. With highly trained private security officers, we are experts at dealing with any type of threatening situation. Here in California, security guards are licensed by the state and RC Security Patrols Sacramento and our Uniformed Security Officers have the authority to detain and arrest perpetrators caught in the process of criminal activity. This is the reason why we require that all RC Security officers undergo and pass our Security Guard Training Sacramento courses, which have the same rigid standards for licensing as specified by the state of California, and meet the requirements of the city of Sacramento’s codes and regulations in conjunction with the state laws. All of these security services mentioned above that is offered by RC Security Service in Sacramento are carried out true to form through an exceptional infrastructure, full and complete training programs, and a commitment to excellence. Unlike many of our competitors, RC Security is run by law enforcement and military professionals dedicated to providing outstanding services for our clients.

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