RC Security Provides These Private Security Services in Sacramento and Outlying Areas:
• Uniformed Security Officers
• Security Patrols – Marked Vehicle Hits
• Armed and Unarmed Security Officers
• Apartment Complex Security
• Warehouse Security
• Construction Site Security Officers
• Video Surveillance
• Retail Security Service
• Commercial Security


  Uniformed Security Officers
RC Security officers present a professional appearance. All officers wear a marked and highly visible professional security uniform.
  Armed and Unarmed Security Officers
RC Security can meet any and all of your security needs based on the threat level and the requirements of the client. We have armed and unarmed security officers available for 24 hour patrol/guard duty.
  Warehouse Security
Warehouses face multiple security and environmental threats: foot traffic can expose them to internal and external loss, and faulty environmental controls can damage valuable products. RC security can simultaneously handle these challenges. RC can handle anything from setting up controlled access entry points up to and including biometrics and secure offsite monitoring systems and surveillance.
  Construction Site Security Officers
Construction sites are inherently vulnerable to security hazards due to their level of traffic and activity, and the monitoring challenges that they present. RC Security can post guards on-site, provide vehicle patrols; offer on-site and off-site monitoring, covert video and surveillance with special response teams.


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